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DOLE-Batangas’ new employees join Organizational Synergy workshop

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

“Dito sa DOLE, we want to build a great team. That is why, among many others, synergy is our main mantra. Gusto natin mas mapaganda pa ang service sa mga tao. May you, as our new employees, not only join that drive but also speed up our progress.”

This was the challenge of Dir. Predelma M. Tan of DOLE-Batangas to the 12 new entrants to the Office’s workforce during the workshop on organizational synergy titled as “One Plus One, Larger Than Two” held last April 6 at DOLE-Batangas New Bldg., The Olan Place, Brgy. Marawoy, Lipa City.

“Alam ninyo, synergy is the new name of the game pagdating sa public governance. We are helping one another—pushing one another, if needed—to deliver the expected results. We are joining our skill sets and expertise to surpass also the stated standards,” she added.

Empowered TUPAD Coordinators and Government Interns

Participants who are composed of TUPAD coordinators and government interns devoted the morning for orientation matters. Ms. Cristina H. Barayang discussed DOLE and its historical background; Ms. Necorita C. Anzaldo for DOLE programs; Dr. Karl Joseph D. Sanmocte for DOLE-Batangas’ organizational values and structure; Ms. Candy R. Cuenca for administrative matters which include rules and regulations, and; Ms. Salvacion R. Kalalo and Ms. Marjorie J. Bautista for TUPAD program per se.

During the afternoon session, Dr. Sanmocte facilitated the workshop proper with them. He said that synergy starts with “I” and highlighted that it is vital for an individual to have, first, a deep knowledge of himself as it is the foundation of any relationship. The new employees then, for their initial activity, drew a picture of themselves and thereafter, shared to the group the meaning behind their output. They talked about their skills and abilities; values and principles; dreams and aspirations.

“Although synergy starts with I, synergy is not about I. It is about we. Remember that others are special too, and they are willing to help you,” Dr. Sanmocte added.

He discussed then importance of teamwork in relation to synergy and sought the participants opinion as to what makes a great team. Among others, the following, according to them, are highly essential: trust on others; flexibility on the situation; active communication; openness to growth, whether it be through constructive criticisms, and; rising up to the role of leadership, whatever your nominal position on the organization is. They also had the following activities to strengthen their bond as a newly-formed team: Two Truths and a Lie; Meme-Making; Fly Me a Plane.

Lastly, it was discussed that “we is not the end because an even bigger bubble exist.”

“WE is actually the end. The community outside DOLE is the bigger playing field; the world is bigger stage where impact has to be made,” Dr. Sanmocte said.

He added that this “WE” is watching the new employees and is raising the bar high for them. Hence, these TUPAD coordinators and government interns are advised to be productive in their stay with the Office. Some tips from successful business leaders have been laid out.

Positive Response

“The whole-day workshop reminded me why I'm doing this job. Indeed, DOLE is the best place where I can help the most and learn the most too. I must say that I am inspired, more than ever, to give my best in everything I do here at the Department”, Ms. Mary Claire A. Gualberto, a TUPAD coordinator said.

Mr. Manuel Mari Vincent Jr. M. Flores, a fellow TUPAD coordinator, agreed on that.

He exclaimed, “Now, I am ready to do my best in every tasked that will be assigned to us. Alam ko na ngayon na we need to produce the best results because we are not just earning money for ourselves but also helping those Filipino beneficiaries who are in need.”

The government interns will be serving until June 2021, while the TUPAD coordinators will be working until December 2021.

Health and safety protocols were duly observed in the conduct of the whole activity.

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