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DOLE Batangas releases Be the Best: Bida ang the Best's pilot episode

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

DOLE-Batangas, which aims to streamline career and employment coaching to the general public through an interesting and relatable way, released its first episode of Be the Best: Bida ang the Best, also known as BTB, last November 29.

BTB is a video series featuring persons whose experience, character and perspective in the world of work and/or business are deemed as inspiring and worthy of emulation. For the pilot episode which can be viewed at, the BTB guest was Dir. Predelma M. Tan of DOLE-Batangas.

Learning is fun.

BTB Episode 1 opens with laughter from Dir. Tan. Afterwards, she said that her first job was a research assistant. She continued by answering five questions. The said questions, according to Dr. Karl Joseph Sanmocte, Labor and Employment Officer III, are meant to make the audience laugh and think of their own answers. They are also intended to give the students, applicants and workers the perspective of those from the management, so as to widen their own career horizons.

As of December 11, BTB Episode 1 was viewed by 11, 260 people. Here are some remarks from the comment section:

"Congrats DOLE-Batangas. Astig neto. Kayo ang the best." (Ms. Rochelle Dimaano)
"Love it. Sabay sa trend without compromising the objective." (Ms. Iris Perez)
"Its cool. Very appealing sa masa at relate kaht sino. G n G si Director. Nice one po." (Mr. Aldwin Reyes Jose)
"Keep up the good work!" (Ms. Glo Aquino Navarro)
You're the best Dir. Tan!" (Ms. Neneth Lantin)
"Super cool." (Ms. Acilegna Atsalab)
"The best po talaga kayo Ma'am Ema. Isa po kayo sa mga hinahangaan ko." (Ms. Herlene Hernandez)

Due to the overwhelming appreciation of the viewers, two more episodes shall be released before the year ends and one episode per month is aimed for 2021.

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