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DOLE-Batangas releases its own Spotify podcast

Updated: May 28, 2021

DOLE-Batangas shared to the general public last May 10 its own Spotify podcast titled as Cool Lab which tackles stories and concerns about “trabaho, negosyo and kabuhayan.”

For the first episode, Cool Lab featured Ms. Rochelle Jayne Macatangay, a Project Manager of the Digital Transformation Office of a private company. That podcast session titled as “What It Takes to be A Young Leader” can be accessed here:

Hosted by Dr. Karl Joseph Sanmocte, Senior Labor and Employment Officer and Pursigeh’s Lead Developer, and Ms. Danica Mae R. Tiqus, Pursigeh’s Lead Content Creator, Cool Lab asked Ms. Macatangay about the “guts and glory” of being a young head of an “important and timely office.”

She said that the primary challenge of being a young leader is driving change. Many, according to her, are comfortable with the processes they have been practicing for years. However, her role is to show them that there are still better ways of doing things which can create a bigger impact and can make the workload lighter.

“Kaya mahalaga yung stakeholder’s management kahit batang leader ka. Iba-ibang uri ng tao yung nakakasama ko who are older and more experienced than I am. Tulad ng nasabi ko, meron sa kanila na ayaw sa change. Meron rin naman na oo lang ng oo. Pero meron ring bibo,” she added.

“Managing the ideas and concerns of these various individuals is a must. Well, collaboration, which transcends age, is the name of the game. In whatever organization, yung agile mindset matters.”

When asked about her reasons for jumping from one company to another, Ms. Macatangay highlighted that the “desire for learning” is her main consideration.

“Kapag pakiradam ko ay wala na akong natututunan at labas na lang ako ng labas ng ideas, naiisip ko na magseek ng greener pasture kung saan ang environment is not only conducive but also promotive of learning.”

Cool Lab’s hosts agreed with her. They added that one of the skills needed especially for the new normal are the applicants’ and workers’ “capacity for lifetime learning.” That, according to them, makes anyone more open and more flexible in the performance of his/her daily functions.

Episode 1 ends with Ms. Macatangay’s choice of the question: Kung isa kang aklat, anung title mo at bakit? She said that she wants to be titled as “Rochelle Jayne” because she finds her experiences as colorful and unique enough. According to her, maintaining who you really are matters at the end of the day.

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