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The Department of Labor and Employment Regional Office IV-A (DOLE CALABARZON) celebrated the excellence of its employees and offices through an awarding ceremony of the Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) during its Fiscal Year 2023 General Assembly at The Old Grove Farmstead, Lipa City, Batangas, December 12.

DOLE CALABARZON Regional Director Atty. Roy L. Buenafe led the opening program with a message sharing the notable accomplishment of the region in terms of implementing programs on labor and employment and emphasizing the essence of cooperation and collaboration in achieving the goals of championing public service in the region for next year.

“Alam ko na kayang kaya natin na abutin ano man ang ating pinagplanuhan for 2024…Alam ko na kayo sa provincial offices ay ganoon ang pakikisama at pagkakaisa. Sana paigtingin pa natin [at] bigkisin pa natin ang isa’t isa para sa isang mithiin - CALABARZON Sulong, CALABARZON Champion,” Atty. Buenafe remarked.

Consequently, during the morning program, a well-known motivational speaker, Mr. Arun Gogna shared an inspiring message of being each other’s accountability partners in coping with challenges not only in the workplace but also in their respective lives.

“Sa opisina ninyo, tingnan tingnan ninyo ang mga kasama ninyo. Tapos, suportahan niyo. Tapikin ninyo ang likod at sabihin ninyong kaya natin ‘yan. ‘Wag kang mag-alala,” Mr. Gogna shared.

Also, as part of the highlights of the event, Ms. Daisy Ramos, the Union President led the awarding of the winners of the recently concluded basketball league where Cavite Provincial Office bagged the championship title and the Best Muse award. 

Ms. Ramos also presented the upcoming activities and programs of the union ankled in the Family Welfare Program of the department.

During the afternoon session, outstanding employees and offices emerged and received recognition for their noteworthy and exemplary performance for the year 2023. 

For the individual awards, the categories involved the best implementers of the Employment Facilitation, DOLE Integrated Livelihood Program, Tulong Panghanapbuhay sa Ating Disadvantaged/Displaced Workers (TUPAD), Government Internship Program (GIP), Department Order No. 174, Labor Inspection, Single-Entry Approach (SEnA), Certificate Election, Labor Information, Anti-Red Tape, Hotline 8888, Admin, Labor Relations and Labor Standards Programs, and Employment and Welfare Programs. This year, the Customer Service and Innovation Awardees as well as the individual awards for the Best Contract of Service Personnel, Job Order Personnel, and Assistant Labor Inspector were also recognized.

Aside from the individual awards, another highlight of the event was the announcement of the Best Division and Head and the Best Provincial Office and Head.

Meanwhile, for the group awards, provincial offices also vied for the best implementers of the Child Labor Prevention and Elimination Program (CLPEP), Labor Inspection Program, Technical Advisory Visit, Labor Relations Program, SEnA Implementation, Budget Utilization, Liquidation, and Compliance to the Guidelines/Internal Process, as well as Submission of Reportorial Requirements.

Prior to the announcement of the individual and group awards, DOLE IV-A also recognized the employees who passed the Civil Service Exam, Licensure Exam, and Bar Exam, and those who finished their post-graduate studies. 

Special Citations were also given to offices and employees who exemplified their functions and those who were recognized by other agencies.

In the latter part of the program, provincial offices and divisions showcased their astounding performances in the cultural dance competition with the theme, Bagong Pilipinas, the brand of governance and leadership that the current administration of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. is adopting its programs and projects.

To conclude the program, DOLE IV-A Assistant Regional Director Atty. Marion S. Sevilla expressed her appreciation for everyone's contribution in successfully attaining the Office Performance and Commitment and Review (OPCR) with hopes of maintaining and even exceeding the office performance next year.

See the full list of winners below:

Best Provincial Office: Batangas Provincial Office

Best Provincial Head: Director Predelma M. Tan

Best Division: Internal Management and Services Division

Best Division Head: Mr. Alvin G. Landicho

Dance Competition 

Champion: Batangas Provincial Office

Second Place: Quezon Provincial Office

Third Place: Rizal Provincial Office

Best Choreography: Batangas Provincial Office

Best Costume:  Rizal Provincial Office

Individual Awards

Best Employment Facilitation Focal Person: Ms. Abigail P. Gilpo (Rizal Provincial Office)

Best DOLE Integrated Livelihood Program (DILP) Focal Person: Ms. Janine A. Rivera (Rizal Provincial Office)

Best Tulong Panghanapbuhay sa Ating Disadvantaged/Displaced Workers (TUPAD) Focal Person:  Ms. Salvacion R. Kalalo (Batangas Provincial Office)

Best Government Internship Program (GIP) Focal Person: Ms. Daisy G. Ramos  (Laguna Provincial Office)

Best DO 174 Implementer: Ms. Cristina H. Barayang  (Batangas Provincial Office)

Top Performing TSI Labor Inspector (Electrical Engineer): 

Engr. May P. Laqui & Engr. Jenalyn M. De Chavez (Batangas Provincial Office)

Top Performing TSI Labor Inspector (Mechanical Engineer): Engr. Donna Melany A. Lezaron (Quezon Provincial Office)

Top 5 Performing Labor Inspectors (Per Office):

  • Mr. Arthur S. Candare (Cavite Provincial Office)

  • Mr. Benedic D. Espiridion (Laguna Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Mirasol R. Celemin (Batangas Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Rechelle Eve S. Peregrino (Rizal Provincial Office)

  • Engr. Rudelyn G. Bautista (Quezon Provincial Office)

Top 5 Best SEnA Desk Officer:

Top 1  Ms.  Cristina H. Barayang (Batangas Provincial Office)

Top 2 Ms. Ann Jelyn F. Natividad (Batangas Provincial Office)

Top 2 Ms. Jennylyn S. Rubio (Batangas Provincial Office)

Top 2 Ms. Charmaine D. Baisa (Rizal Provincial Office)

Top 2 Ms. Joy Angelyn Z. Parabas (Rizal Provincial Office)

Best Election Officer: Ms. Charmaine D. Baisa (Rizal Provincial Office)

Best Provincial Labor Information Officer: Ms. April Rose N. Magpantay (Batangas Provincial Office)

Best ARTA Focal Person (RO) Special Citation:

Ms. Bianca M. Caravana (MALSU)

Ms. Mary Jane L. De Vera (TSSD EPWW)

Ms. Lisette A. Peralta (TSSD LRLS)

Best 8888 Focal Person: Mr. Edwin T. Hernandez (Quezon Provincial Office)

Best Admin Designate (Provincial Office): Ms. Candy R. Cuenca (Batangas Provincial Office)

Best Admin Designate (Regional Office): Ms. Maria Maygan B. Vargas (IMSD)

Best TSSD LRLS Program Manager: Ms. Angela A. Lapis (TSSD LRLS)

Best TSSD EPWW Program Manager: Ms. Ma. Angelica N. Ordoño (TSSD EPWW)

Group Awards

Best Provincial Office in Child Labor Prevention & Elimination Program (CLPEP): Batangas Provincial Office

Best Province in Labor Inspection Program: Rizal Provincial Office

Province with the Highest Accomplishment in Technical Advisory Visit (special citation): Rizal Provincial Office

Best Province in Labor Relations Program: Laguna Provincial Office

Best Province in SEnA Implementation: Rizal Provincial Office

Province with the Highest Budget Utilization Rate: Cavite Provincial Office

Province with the Highest Liquidation Rate: Batangas Provincial Office

Best Province in Compliance to the Guidelines/Internal Process: Quezon Provincial Office

Best Province in the Submission of Reportorial Requirements: Batangas Provincial Office

Minor Awards

Best Assistant Labor Inspector: 

  • Mr. Mhedilito C. Villafuerte (TSSD LRLS)

  • Mr. John Rainier C. Enriquez (Cavite Provincial Office)

  • Mr. Jayson M. Belen (Laguna Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Nicole Kristine E. Vida (Batangas Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Mary Ann E. Isidto (Rizal Provincial Office)

Best Job Order Personnel: 

  • Ms. Christelle Mae C. Gonzales (TSSD EPWW)

  • Ms. Leovie E. Platon (IMSD)

  • Ms. Vivian P. Rabuco (Cavite Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Kaizz C. Fernandez (Laguna Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Lillosa A. Madrigal (Batangas Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Rizalina M. Zipagan (Rizal Provincial Office)

  • Mr. Cyrus F. Rea (Quezon Provincial Office)

Best Contract of Service Personnel:

  • Mr. Tomas R. Corral (TSSD EPWW)

  • Ms. Jamaica Rose A.Laurel (IMSD)

  • Ms. Dianne G. Digma (Cavite Provincial Office)

  • Mr. Kingmar A. Alvarez (Laguna Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Bea Mari M. Ingco (Batangas Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Chelsea Ross A. Ibasco (Rizal Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Vida Marie Jadi P. Belga (Quezon Provincial Office)

Innovation Awardees: 

  •  Engr. Alfred Sanny A. Virrey (Batangas Provincial Office)

  •  Ms. Justine B. Narvaez (Laguna Provincial Office)

  •  Ms. Rewill Jane A. Rivero (IMSD)

  •  Ms. Lauryn Jean B. Tomo (IMSD)

  •  Mr. Revimar C. Dulin (Cavite Provincial Office)

Customer Service Awardee: Mr. Josep Albin G. Tolentino

Special Awardees

Graduates of Post-Graduate Studies

  • Mr. John Ryan A. Rengel (Quezon Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Maricel D. Coronado (Quezon Provincial Office)

  • Mr. Franz Raymond J. Aquino (Quezon Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Charmaine D. Baisa (Rizal Provincial Office)

  • Mr. Flint Osric T. Gorospe (Rizal Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Jennylyn S. Rubio (Batangas Provincial Office)

  • Engr. Alfred Sanny A. Virrey (Batangas Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Rozil A. Regodos (Batangas Provincial Office)

Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers Passers:

  • Ms. Rose Ann T. Agravante (Batangas Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Maria Kenia Patricia P. Dimaano (Batangas Provincial Office)

Bar Exam Passer: Mr. Joseph B. Rosal (Rizal Provincial Office)

Personnel/Unit  with Special Citation:

  • Labor Communication Unit (IMSD) - Outstanding Implementation of the DOLE Communication Program

  • Labor Relations Unit (TSSD LRLS) - Top 2 Best Implementer of BLR Programs

  • Labor Standards Unit  (TSSD LRLS) - High General Labor Standards Compliance 

  • Employment Unit (TSSD EPWW) - Quality Employment Facilitation Services

  • Livelihood Unit (TSSD EPWW) - 2nd Runner in Video Documentation-Group Category during the 2023 Kabuhayan Awards

  • Ms. Janine Rivera (Rizal Provincial Office) - Best Performing Provincial Livelihood Focal during the 2023 Kabuhayan Awards 

  • Atty. Roy L. Buenafe (Office of the Regional Director) - DOLE Exemplars Awardee

Loyalty Awardees (35-year Service Award):

  • Dir. Marivic B.  Martinez (Cavite Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Nora T.  Aguilar (Laguna Provincial Office)

Loyalty Awardees (30-year Service Award):

  • Dir. Guido R.  Recio (Laguna Provincial Office)

  • Mr. Vincent L.  Martinez (Laguna Provincial Office)

Loyalty Awardees (25-year Service Award):

  • Mr. Gilberto L.  Laurel (IMSD)

  • Mr. Arthur Henry B.  Ibon (Batangas Provincial Office)

Loyalty Awardees (20-year Service Award):

  • Mr. Joseph B.  Rosal (Rizal Provincial Office)

  • Mr. Keith Richard T.  Albino (Cavite Provincial Office)

Loyalty Awardee (15-year Service Award): 

  • Ms. Ma. Violeta E.  Malingin

Loyalty Awardees (10-year Service Award):

  • Ms. Michelle M.  Rustia (Batangas Provincial Office)

  • Engr. Wilson Jr. D.  Tana (Cavite Provincial Office)

  • Mr. James Wilfred F.  Sevillano (Batangas Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Rewill Jane A.  Rivero (IMSD)

  • Ms. Katheryn S.  Perez (IMSD)

  • Engr. Jaizza V.  Patanao (TSSD LRLS)

  • Engr. Carlo D.  Merilos (Cavite Provincial Office)

  • Engr. May P.  Laqui (Batangas Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Anne Marie Faye M.  Gloria (Cavite Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Abigail P.  Gilpo (Rizal Provincial Office)

  • Engr.  Demetrio B.  Fortu (Batangas Provincial Office)

  • Engr. Patricia T.  Estrellado (TSSD LRLS)

  • Engr. April Rose S.  Enteria (Batangas Provincial Office)

  • Engr. Patrick Lawrence S.  Arriola (Laguna Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Genecille P.  Aguirre (Quezon Provincial Office)

Appreciation for Retirees:

  • Mr. Alex M. Angeles (MALSU)

  • Mr. Alexander A. Gaela (TSSD LRLS)

  • Mr. Carlito C. Villanueva (Laguna Provincial Office)

  • Ms. Melissa B. Montalvo (Rizal Provincial Office)

Civil Service Exam Passers:

  • Ciceline M Quilitis (TSSD EPWW)

  • Christine Marie A. Mendoza (TSSD EPWW)

  • Jewell A. Pucyutan (IMSD)

  • Kristine Joy A. Salvacion (IMSD)

  • Crisgelyn Quismundo-Ebora (Cavite Provincial Office)

  • Lawrilie L. Maruzzo (Laguna Provincial Office)

  • Lovely C. Dela Paz (Laguna Provincial Office)

  • Robert M. Rodelas (Batangas Provincial Office)

  • Ma. Leendsey A. Militante (Quezon Provincial Office)

  • Ferdinand Xavier D. Saludes (Quezon Provincial Office)

  • Ron Peter Alexis L. Odnimar (Quezon Provincial Office)

  • Arissa Myeah M. Cabuyao (Quezon Provincial Office)

  • Phoebe B. Areston (Quezon Provincial Office)

  • Jade Ann C. Francia (Quezon Provincial Office)

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