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Labor Advisory No. 7 Series of 2022 Employer’s Work Accident Illness Report (WAIR)

DOLE issues Labor Advisory No. 07, Series of 2022 on the submission of Employer's Work Accident Illness Report (WAIR).

Said LA informs the public of the changes in the submission of the WAIR COVID pursuant to IATF Guidelines on the Nationwide Implementation of Alert System for COVID-19 Response issued last 27 February 2022.

WAIR COVID Form shall NO longer be mandatory. However, establishments are still required to submit the (regular) WAIR Form to DOLE through every 30th of the month, regardless if there are no accidents or reportable work-related illnesses, including COVID cases. For questions, call the DOLE Hotline 1349. Kindly see attached photos for your reference.

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