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Workers Organization and Development Program (WODP) scholar Marvin Atienza recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering at the Batangas State University The National Engineering University, August 4.

According to the Department of Labor and Employment IV-A - Batangas Provincial Office (DOLE BPO), Marvin is a dependent of a union member from the Universal Robina Corporation Sugar and Renewables (URC SURE).

After a meticulous screening process and interview based on the financial needs of the applicants, Marvin alongside another candidate received the 2019 scholarship grant of P 17,500 per semester inclusive of books, stipend, and miscellaneous fees.

Marvin shared that the educational aid helped him acquire the necessary learning gadgets that enabled him to cope with the demands of online classes brought about by the pandemic.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled us to shift to online classes,making these devices indispensable for our learning journey. Thankfully, through the assistance of my scholarship, I was able to purchase a laptop and other necessary materials for my studies, enabling me to adapt better to the virtual learning environment,” Marvin narrated.

Four years later, after going through a rigorous journey as a college student, Marvin finally finished his bachelor’s degree in computer engineering.

CAPTION: Marvin Atienza, a son of a sugarcane refinery worker and union member is now an engineering graduate from the Batangas State University The National Engineering University.

With utmost gratitude, his father, Mr. Anatalio Atienza shared how the WODP scholarship aided them in providing for the educational needs of their child.

CAPTION: Marvin with his parents attended the graduation ceremony at the Batangas State University The National Engineering University, Batangas City last August 4.

“The WODP scholarship holds the potential to ease the burden of college expenses, enabling my child to focus more on their studies and overall growth without constantly worrying about financial constraints.,” he remarked.

WODP is a scholarship grant of the DOLE for dependent/children of officers and members of workers’ organizations. It is a component of the department in bringing financial aid for the completion of master’s and bachelor’s degrees, short courses, and professional examinations of identified scholars.

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