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The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Regional Office IV-A through its Batangas Provincial Office (BPO) assisted eight workers from a livestock company acquire just compensation through a settlement conference under the Single-Entry Approach (SEnA) program at DOLE BPO, Lipa City, Batangas, February 24.

According to Ms. Cristina Barayang, Senior Labor and Employment Officer of DOLE BPO, and the assigned Single Entry Approach Desk Officer (SEADO), the company representatives distributed a total amount of P 442, 471. 36 for eight of their workers who sought assistance through SENA.

Eight employees with the company representative held their settlement conference at the DOLE BPO, February 24.(Photo by April Rose Magpantay/ DOLE-BPO)

After the conference, both the employees and the company representatives expressed their appreciation for the swift assistance of the department.

Despite the pronouncement of a special non-working holiday, DOLE representatives agreed to pursue the scheduled conference.

Ms. Cristina Barayang with the company representatives and employees after the settlement conference. (Photo by April Rose Magpantay/ DOLE-BPO)

“Maayos, mabilis, may sistema s’ya. Nakatulong s’ya. Tapos, malinaw ang pag-discuss ng mga bagay bagay sa mga tao… Gusto ko ‘yung na-facilitate ‘yung process, na natapos agad ‘yung issue,” said Ms. Joedith Lego, Human Resource and Admin Head of the company.

Mr. Junalyn Basea, one of the employees, found the settlement process facilitated, speedy and impartial.

Furthermore, he reiterated that the full cooperation of their employer also contributed to the success of the resolution of their issues.

“Inaksyunan kami kaagad. Binigay naman ang dapat para sa amin tapos, hindi naman kami, pinahaba pa ang proseso. Agad agad, natulungan kami,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, for Ms. Barayang, the tasks of being a SEADO continue to mold her skills in reconciling issues involving labor conflicts and prevent those from becoming full-blown disputes.

“The 30 days set by SENA guidelines in conciliation-mediation is quite a challenging and tough job for me. But it gives a feeling of fulfillment as a public servant being able to settle the issues in speedy [and] impartial means. SENA also enhances and develops my skills as it requires more patience, calmness, and perseverance dealing with different personalities,” she shared.

SEADOs, like Ms. Barayang, assist the parties by giving pieces of advice, solutions, and alternatives to labor-related dispute issues through SENA.

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