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The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) IV-A through its Batangas Provincial Office and the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board IV-A (RTWPB IV-A) conducted a wage orientation to the representatives from the labor, management, and government sectors at the Batangas Provincial Auditorium, Capitol Site, Batangas City, October 5.

More than 300 participants attended the activity which covered the presentation of the salient features of the recently approved Wage Order No. IVA-20 of the RTWPB IV-A. 

CAPTION: Participants from all over the province of Batangas attended the Wage Order No. IVA-20 at Batangas Provincial Auditorium.

Mr. Gener Rivera from the mentioned board spearheaded the discussion and opened the floor for clarifications and other queries regarding the minimum wage increase.

CAPTION: Mr. Gener Rivera shed light on the salient features of Wage Order No. IVA-20 during an orientation at Batangas Provincial Auditorium.

One of the participants shared her views on the new minimum wage stating the key roles of the workers in building the country’s economy.


“I agree that the minimum wage earners have to be protected with this kind of law and then [the] take away of this is let's continue to make sure that our minimum wage earners who are the backbones of the economy should be protected in terms of their income or salaries because most if not all minimum of our wage earners have their job as their main source of the income,” Ms. Leny Tomas, a representative from the management sector.

CAPTION: Ms. Leny Tomas, one of the attendees of the wage orientation shared her thoughts on the new wage order of the RTWPB IV-A.

Meanwhile, Ms. Michaela Felipe, from the labor sector expressed her thoughts on the impact of the minimum wage increase to every worker.


“Mas maganda siya kase mas magiging masipag ang mga trabahador pumasok lalo na tumaas ang mga  sahod nila,” she remarked.

CAPTION: Director Predelma Tan of DOLE Batangas expressed the continuous action of the department in safeguarding the rights of the workers in the province.

DOLE Batangas Provincial Director Predelma Tan who also graced the event with the employees from the labor relations and labor standards units of the office emphasized that the provincial office will continue to take action in protecting the rights of both the labor and management sectors in Batangas.

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