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Workers to receive 300K Total Money Claims thru DOLE BPO SEnA

Through the intervention of the Department of Labor and Employment – Batangas Provincial Office’s (DOLE BPO) Single Entry Approach (SENA) program, seven workers of a resort in Mataasnakahoy will receive their monetary claims after a settlement conference at the DOLE BPO, Lipa City, Batangas on December 5.

After being on a floating status for more than two years, the workers sought the assistance of the department to inquire about the computation of the just monetary claims due unto them and to help communicate with the management of the resort.

According to the representative from the establishment, like most of the resorts operating in the hospitality, and tourism industry, their company has also been struggling for the past years due to the restrictions brought by COVID-19.

The pandemic affected the operation and financial aspects as well as to workers of their resort.

Nonetheless, the respondent resort representative agreed with the settlement amounting to a total of P 348,480.00 for the seven workers but requested to settle the payment for three terms which the complainants all agreed.

“Since ngayon hindi pa rin okay and they are for the settlement na, willing na kami na i-settle sila ka kasi hindi naman pwedeng they wait kung kailan lalakas,” the representative said.

The last schedule of payment is on February 15, 2023.

DOLE Batangas Provincial Office (DOLE BPO) SEADO, Ms. Maricel Villanueva during the settlement conference held at DOLE BPO, Lipa City, Batangas, December 5.

Both parties expressed their genuine appreciation for the immediate and impartial assistance of the Single Entry Approach Desk Officer (SEADO), Ms. Maricel Villanueva.

“Sa DOLE, nagiging patas ang lahat. Kaya po namin inilapit dito…patas lahat. Employer man o employee, kung ano ang nasa batas, ‘yun lamang ang aming makukuha, ‘yung karampatan na tama. Especially po kay Ma’am Maricel dito po sa DOLE, napakagaan kausap. Wala kaming negativity na narinig at na-encounter simula ng kami ay naghain ng complaint na ang DOLE ay papanig sa employer, na tagilid kami…Clear po ang usapan at wala pong kinakampihan,” the worker shared.

For the resort representative, she said that Ms. Villanueva’s approach changed the way she perceives the actions of DOLE before their encounter through the SEnA.

“Honestly, sa personal ko lang ‘yan is ‘pag ka pumasok na ang DOLE, kakampihan lang nila ang mga worker, like always the bad side is kaming mga employers, kami ‘yung bad, kami ‘yung kailangan magisa, yun lang. Pero now, na-change ‘yun eh kasi nakita ko talaga na DOLE is for everyone, both sides,” the resort representative expressed.

Ms. Villanueva said that the settlement is proof that the department handles labor disputes with unprejudiced conciliation and mediation practices.

“Ako’y masaya at na-settle ‘yung complaints ng workers, ‘yung hinihingi nila ay na-settle na at masaya naman sila kanina na makakakuha sila before Christmas,” Ms. Villanueva uttered.

It is the goal of every SEADO to provide clients with the utmost integrity and impartiality when handling disputes between workers and management.

Ms. Maricel Villanueva, SEADO of DOLE BPO with the workers and the resort representative after their settlement conference.

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